The Secret to Giving Great Business Gifts

  • Everyday items are usually a good way to help ensure effective, long-lasting exposure to advertising. Consider a product your clients will use two or three times a week — or even daily. Maple Ridge Farms has some unique items like a classic barrel wooden cup which can be used to hold pens and pencils, wooden cutting boards, and even a cheese grater that comes with the gourmet cheese.
  • Gift baskets are an easy choice. Just make sure that you don’t head down to your nearest Sam’s Club or Costco and pick one up to send. You want your gift to be unique and you certainly don’t want to have them see how much you paid for it the next time they are in the same discount store. At we have a wide range of gift baskets and other gifts that you won’t find in your local discount store.
  • Books. For many busy professionals, digging into a good book is an excellent way to unwind after a grueling 10-hour day. While it’s almost impossible to keep up with everyone’s reading tastes, you might consider picking up a relatively innocuous best-seller and presenting it with a pair of attractive bookends — stone gargoyles, miniature globes, polished rocks, shaped metal, etc. or even have us combine it into a gift basket with treats for them to enjoy while reading.
  • Smoked Ham or Turkey on a bamboo cutting board imprinted with your company name is one of those thank-you gifts that give a WOW impression and remind them of you whenever they use the cutting board in their kitchen.



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Joyce Reid

Joyce Reid


Hey there! I’m Joyce, a serial entrepreneur who is always learning, dog lover and the creator behind and